Our first week of celebrating National Farm to School Month is up! Check out our new resources, created by the Farm to School Team, with our week 1 theme: Go Outside!


Try our new fun Fall Scavenger Hunt resource and see what you can discover in your free time or with your classroom. This can be a great tool for practicing mindfulness, to notice things you normally wouldn’t, and have fun with your family and friends! What are some ways you practice mindfulness?


When it comes to bugs, lots of your friends might run in terror from tiny critters, but have no fear! Our new curriculum resource “Garden Bugs: Friend or Foe?” can be a great way to settle your jitters and learn something new. Bring this resource home, into the classroom, or in the garden!

Garden Bugs_ Friend or Foe (K-5th)

Garden Bugs_ Friend or Foe (6th-12th)


Have you ever heard of compost? Are you looking to learn more? Check out this resource for some Compost Basics!


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Stay tuned for the next few weeks of National Farm to School Month content on our blog and social media!

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