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We cultivate learning and invite students to engage with their local food systems by celebrating agriculture and healthy relationships with food through classroom demonstrations, taste tests, food systems curriculum, school garden work, and farm to school consultation services. All of our ground work in schools and gardens is supported or driven by our Farm to School Corps Members.

Whether you are starting a program from scratch, or have 10 years of taste tests under your belt, we would love to hear from you!

Taste Tests

Taste Tests help us to gauge student preference and introduce new local foods, while serving as an opportunity for recipe development of future Farm to School recipes. We coordinate multiple taste tests a month, rotating between our partner districts, as well as samples in the classroom paired with an activity about our food system. 

If you need a guide for hosting your own taste tests, or simply want to learn more about the process, please explore the resources below.

Food and Health Network Taste Test Guide

SC F2S Taste Test Guide

VT F2S Taste Test Guide

School Gardens

School gardens give students hands-on experience growing their own food and developing teamwork skills. Each spring we provide funding to new or expanding school garden programs through the South Central NY School Garden Grant program. Our 2023 cycle is currently closed – keep an eye out for 2024!

Throughout the season our Farm to School Corps team can offer technical garden assistance, coordinate and add support to garden volunteer days, and lead activities in the garden. Contact us to find out more!

For ideas on building a program with a school garden focus, school garden lesson plans, and other funding sources, please see our Food and Health Network School Garden Resources.


Examples of Past Projects

Binghamton’s West Middle School used their funds to plant a 3 Sisters Garden!

Students at Homer Brink Elementary maintain a hydroponics system!

George F. Johnson Elementary is using their funds to grow a berry patch!


We provide indoor and outdoor activities focused on sustainable agriculture and food systems tailored to your class size and needs. In addition to our taste tests in the cafeteria, our team offers cooking demonstrations in the classroom. Please email our Farm to School Coordinator at if you are interested in these activities in your class.

If you are an educator looking to increase farm to school connections in your curriculum, please consider exploring the resources below and do not hesitate to reach out for additional information or guidance.

Resources from Other Organizations:

Whole Kids Foundation Lesson Plans

Great Garden Detective Lesson Plans


Resources from our Team:


Garden Bugs: Friend or Foe (K-5th)

Garden Bugs: Friend or Foe (6th-12th)

Seasonal Scavenger Hunt Bingo cards (great for practicing mindfulness!):


Knife Skills for New Cooks

Dandelion Sweet Iced Tea Cooking Demonstration – Jess Barbini, Previous Farm to School Coordinator

Fruit Popsicle Cooking Demonstration – Nicole Kaczmarczyk, Previous Farm to School AmeriCorps Member

Rasta Pasta Cooking Demonstration – Jabari Randolph, Previous Farm to School AmeriCorps Member


Composting Basics

Grow Kit Tutorial video – Nicole Kaczmarcyk, Previous Farm to School AmeriCorps Member

We’d love to talk with you! Contact our Farm to School Coordinator, Hannah Rion, at or 607-376-3619 if you are interested in becoming a Farm to School AmeriCorps Member, having a member lead an activity in your school, or simply have more questions. 

Additional Resources