Produce Prescription Program of South Central NY


PRxSCNY allows healthcare providers in the community to write prescriptions for fresh fruits and vegetables to patients who are at-risk or have been diagnosed with diet-related chronic illness and are experiencing food insecurity.


Role of the Provider:

  • Screen patients for eligibility*.
    • Diagnosis or at-risk of diet-related chronic health disease
    • Experiencing food insecurity
  • Explain the program to the qualifying patient and enroll those who are interested.
  • Administer pre- and post-surveys.
  • Meet with participants throughout the program duration to discuss their nutrition goals, educational resources, and to refill their prescription.
  • Communicate with PRx program staff regularly.

*In addition to meeting eligibility criteria, patients must also commit to fully participating in the program, including:

    • attendance at the visits. 
    • completing surveys.
    • ability to get to shopping locations or willingness to accept delivery.
    • some knowledge of cooking or willingness to learn.
    • ability to utilize fresh produce (can the patient sit and chop, stand at a stove OR do they have someone who can do that for them) 


The healthcare providers who prescribe the Produce Rx program are the main link between patients and the program itself. Their dedication to their patient’s health and well-being is the backbone of the success of our program. Thank you.

Things to remember:

  • Enrollment for each season begins in May (CSAs start in July)
  • Patients should receive one voucher booklet at a time.
  • Surveys are meant to collect data that produce prescriptions change health outcomes so that one day, with luck, this will be a reimbursable intervention. 
  • The PRx team is here for you and your patients. Contact us any time.

Need to send us mail? 

Rural Health Network of SCNY
ATTN: Produce Rx 
455 Court Street 
Binghamton, NY 13904 

Fax number: 607-203-5877

If you are interested in becoming a PRxSCNY participating provider please contact: (607) 692-7669 x206

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