Join us for a discussion of a NY State local farm to school sustainable ground beef project that’s up and running successfully.

Monday April 22nd at 6 to 7 pm eastern time, on  Ellen Wong’s Farm Show. Streaming webcast and broadcast by  WIOX 93.1, public radio from Roxbury, NY (see detail below)

Julia Van Loon, school food reform consultant working with the North Shore Central School District,  and Ken Jaffe of Slope Farms in Meredith, NY will describe their program which supplies all the ground beef for the North Shore CSD public schools. The beef is raised without antibiotics  or hormones in NY State, and processed in NY.

Julia and Ken will discuss the nuts and bolts of the program,  sourcing the beef, cooking and menu planning, as well as the history and politics surrounding the program. They will also discuss some broader issues around school food, how change happens, sustainable meat production, and the potential impact of school, govt, and institutional purchasing on local agriculture.  Listener calls will be welcome during the broadcast.

How to tune in online-  Just going to the  WIOX home page will start the stream… least on some browsers. Or go to

Also broadcast at 91.3 if you’re close to Roxbury, NY in the beautiful Catskill Mountain.

Julia Van Loon is School Food Reform Advocate and Consultant
Facilitator for Public Schools participating in the National School Lunch Program to improve School Food and remain in program compliance
Culinary Trainer for School Lunch Program personnel
Menu Design for School Food Reform Programs

Ken Jaffe  operates Slope Farms LLC in Meredith, NY, raising and marketing grass fed beef.

This farm to school beef program is one way of working at the intersection of farming practices and public health.