School districts across the country get involved in the farm to school movement by engaging in taste tests! They are held in the classroom, or in the cafeteria during student lunch periods, and provide many benefits to the schools, farms, and overall food environment.

The Food and Health Network holds taste tests monthly at school districts within the South Central New York region. Students and staff are able to engage with the Food and Health Network and learn about the role that the organization plays in the community. Then, taste testers are able to taste and provide feedback about new farm to school recipes before they are placed on the NY Thursdays menu. Taste tests are an exciting experience for everyone involved and help build support for farm to school from school staff, local farms, students, and volunteers. They are a great way for students to become familiar with a variety of food options, learn hands-on, and try something new! Below are some pictures from a recent taste test at AF Palmer Elementary in Windsor!