South Central NY Produce Prescription Program

Health Care Providers

The Health Care Providers who prescribe the Produce Rx program serve as the main link between program participants and the program itself. Their dedication to their patients’ health and well being is the backbone of the success of our program.

How it Works: Clinical Piece

  1. Healthcare providers screen for eligibility and enroll participants
  2. Participant attends 3 visits over six – eight months (in-person or remote)
  3. Participant receives $120 in vouchers per visit, up to $360 or enrolls in a CSA/Farm Share for up to the same amount.

Are you interested in prescribing PRx?

The Roles of PRx Health Care Providers:

  • Screen patients for food insecurity
  • Refer those who meet the program criteria to the program
  • Enroll those who are interested in the program

The Expectations of PRx Health Care Providers:

  • Meet with participants three times throughout the program season to discuss their nutrition goals, educational resources, and to refill their vouchers
  • Administer program surveys to participants and send the results to FVRx program staff
  • Work with the Food and Health Network to evaluate program outcomes

If you are interested in prescribing PRx, or would like to learn more about the program, please reach out to Kate Miller-Corcoran at 

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