Regional Food System Assessment

The Food and Health Network values data-driven approaches to strengthening our regional food system. The Regional Food System Assessment for South Central New York (FSA) is FaHN’s attempt to collect the information and stories that define our regional food system and illuminate steps needed to fulfill our vision of a healthy regional food system. Through this type of assessment, “communities examine the connections between production, distribution, consumption, and waste disposal and measure their impacts on the environment, human health and livelihoods through a set of indicators over time.”

We are currently updating the Economic Vitality sections of the FSA. To request a background report on the update please contact Erin Summerlee, FaHN Coordinator at

Visit our Summer Food Service Program page for assessments on access to food when school is out; or Community Garden Inventory page for research on community and school gardens in the region.

Explore our regional food system assessments:

Closing the Gap on Childhood Food Insecurity: 2016 Regional Assessment of the Summer Food Service Program

2014 Food Security Update: “Helping to Create Hunger Free Communities”

2012 Regional Food System Assessment SCNY

2011 Regional Food System Assessment for South Central New York

FaHN will continue the FSA in future years to measure progress, collect data on additional indicators as resources permit, and use it as a springboard for development of a comprehensive regional food system plan.

Goals:FSA Diagram Revised
  • Establish baseline data for indicators that can be easily replicated and measure progress over time.
  • Provide a use-friendly and visually appealing tool for: a) evidence-based programmatic, municipal, and regional food system planning and evaluation that protects the viability and regional character of the eight-county region served by FaHN, and b) education, that may be utilized by and for those both familiar and unfamiliar with food system concepts.
  • Add value to FaHN partner initiatives through their ability to use the FSA in program development.
  • Strengthen the vital connections between agricultural and rural interests with urban interests and other sectors of the food system.
  • Provide a model that may serve other communities with limited resources that are interested in conducting food system assessments.

Indicators in the Assessment are grouped under four broad vision statements:

Healthy EnvironmentsEconomic VitalityFarm to Consumer Connections, and Healthy People.

*If you’d like to order a print copy of the document, please contact the FaHN Coordinator at or call 607-692-7669.



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