Growing Health


Fall 2016 Growing Health Forum:

In partnership with VINES, FaHN hosted Growing Health: Fruit & Vegetable Prescriptions with Wholesome Wave, a half day workshop for community-based organizations, healthcare, retail and agriculture to explore the impact of fruit and vegetable prescription programs and local opportunities. Sponsorship support provided by Care Compass Network and United Way of Broome County.

Below are presentations and materials from the event:

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Keynote: Skye Cornell, Fruit & Vegetable Prescriptions

Wholesome Wave’s Fruit & Vegetable Prescription Program’s Fact Sheet

Additional Reading:

Growing Health Brochure
Exhaustion of Food Budgets at Month’s End and Hospital Admissions for Hypoglycemia
Food Security and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Among Adults in the United States: Findings From the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2003–2008
Effect of Food Insecurity on Chronic Kidney Disease in Lower Income Americans
Treat or Eat: Food Insecurity, Cost-related Medication Underuse, and Unmet Needs
Wholesome Wave Webinar: Fundraising for Incentive Programs 


Keynote: Skye Cornell, Chief Programs Officer, Wholesome Wave

Panel Discussion on Local Opportunities:

Spring 2016 Growing Health Forum: 

In partnership with the Broome County Health Department, FaHN hosted Growing Health: Healthy Foods, Healthy Communities, a half-day seminar for worksites, community groups, institutions and government organizations to learn how they can improve community wellness through purchasing healthy, local food.

Below are presentations and materials from the event:

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Keynote: Dr. Margo Wootan, Food Service Guidelines/Procurement
Darlene Yule, Connecting Producers to Child Care Programs
Glenda Neff, Farm to Institution New York State
Julie Leonard, Finding and Buying Healthy Food in a Hospital Setting
Laura Biasillo, Cornell Cooperative Extension & Healthy Food Procurement
Julie Raway, Schools Meals That Rock!
Mary McFadden, Healthy Food Procurement in Broome County

Growing Health Brochure
Creating Healthy Schools & Communities Grant One Pager
Broome County Healthy Food Procurement Fact Sheet
CSPI Healthy Food in Public Places Infographic
CSPI 9 Reasons to Adopt Healthy Food Guidelines


Keynote: Dr. Margo Wootan,  Director of Nutrition Policy, Center for Science in the Public Interest

Workshop 1: Finding and Buying Healthy Food

Workshop 2: Developing Policies and Building Support

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