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As a non-profit coalition, the success of the Food and Health Network depends on community support and participation. Our collaborations and projects have supported community garden development, farm to school programs, farm to institution education, healthier food procurement through state agencies, food hub development, the publication of the first ever Food System Assessment for our region, and many educational events for our local and regional community.

  • Sponsorship: Make an investment in a healthy, sustainable food system and become a Food and Health Network SPONSOR! Your donation is tax deductible. Learn how here.
  • Membership: Interested in collaborating  with organizations and individuals working to improve our regional food system? Become a MEMBER! Learn more here.

As a Food and Health Network sponsor or member, you pledge your support for a food system built on healthy environments, economic vitality, farm to consumer connections, and healthy people. Everyone is a stakeholder when it comes to healthy, locally grown food.

FaHN activities in 2016 include:

  • Increased advocacy and food policy work
  • Collaborative resource development
  • Communication and education about our dynamic regional food system
  • Continuing to work with members and other partners to support farm to school efforts and increase the number of children served through summer feeding programs

All FaHN activities are designed to support our shared vision of a healthy, viable and just regional food system.

Food and Health Network activities are open to the public. Sponsors, members, and community members are invited to attend our monthly educational and networking opportunities. FaHN regularly meets on the fourth Thursday of every month from 2-4pm throughout our distribution area. We also welcome volunteers! For more information, please contact the FaHN Director at fahncoordinator@rhnscny.or.

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